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Kilroy's AMEK Neve CIB
Kilroy's Groove Tubes Glory Comp
The Lab is Steve's personal editing & mixing suite and base of operations. 
Built around efficiency and audio excellence, it is based around Pro Tools HD and equipped with the best of what the digital and analog worlds have to offer.

The Lab:

Kilroy's Monitors
The Lab @ Kilroy Records
Computer, Conversion
& Summing
Apple Mac Pro: Late 2013, 2.7Ghz 12 core, 64 Gb Ram
Pro Tools HD Native, Lynx Aurora 16 x2, Apogee DA16x,
Apogee Rosetta 200
Antelope Eclipse 384
Antelope Isochrone OCX Master Clock
Dangerous Music 2-bus LT

Zoom F8N Pro Field Recorder
Pro Tools 2020 Ultimate,
Revoice Pro, Melodyne
Source Elements Source-Nexus Pro
Plugins From: Acon, AIR, Antares, Avid, BBE, Blue Cat, Eventide, HOFA, IK Multimedia, iZotope, Klanghelm, Metric Halo, Plug & Mix, Plugin Alliance, PSP, Slate, Softube, Sonible, Sonnox, Sound Radix, Soundtoys, TAL, Toontrack, TDR, UVI, Waves, & Wavesfactory

Presonus Central Station

JBL LSR4328 Monitors w/ LSR4312 Subwoofer

Yamaha NS-10m Monitors

Behringer Behritone C50a

Behringer p16 Headphone Distribution System


AKG K240, Audio Technica ATHM50x

Beyerdynamic DT770, Sennheiser HD201

Mic Pres & Channel Strips

Amek 9098EQ x2

Amek C.I.B.

Avalon Vt737 x2

Avid Pre

Chameleon Labs 7602 mkII X-Mod x2

Focusrite ISA 215

Groove Tubes Supre

Midas M32c / DL32

Presonus Digimax FS

Universal Audio 2610 x2

Universal Audio 4110


Aphex Compellor

Avalon Vt747

Chameleon Labs 7720

Chameleon Labs 7802

DBX 160x x4

Groove Tubes Glory Comp x2

Joe Meek Sc2.2 v4

Ridge Farm Boiler

Valley People Dynamite


Furman PQ3 x2

Moog MKG x2

Moog MKPE x2

Urei 535

Warm EQPwa x2


Electrix Filter Factory

Electrix Mo-FX

Electrix Warp Factory

Line 6 Echo Pro

Line 6 Filter Pro

Line 6 Mod Pro

Moog MF101 

Moog MF102

Moog MF103

Moog MF104m

Moog MF107

Moog MF108

Pioneer SR202

TC Electronics M3000

Yamaha SPX2000


AKG C414 XLii x2

AKG C414B-XLS x2

AKG D12e x1

Audio Technica AT4050 x2

Audio Technica AT5040 x1

Audio Technica ATM350a x5

Audix D2 x4

Audix D4 x2

Audix D6 x2

Audix i5 x2

Audix SCX25a x2

Beyerdynamic M160 x4

Beyerdynamic M88TG x2

Blue Blueberry x1

Blue Encore 100 x4

Blue Mouse x1

Blue OmniMouse x1

Blue Spark x2

Cascade Fat Head x2

Core Sound Octomic x1

Countryman Record Plant DI x2

Crown PCC160 x2

Dayton Audio emm6 x1

Ddrum Pro Kick Trigger x1

Ddrum Pro Snare Trigger x1

Ddrum Pro Tom Trigger x5

Eclair Engineering Evil Twin DI x1

Electro Voice RE20 x1

Granelli G5790 x1

Josephson c42 x4

Lawson L47 x1

M-Audio Sputnik x2

Milab dc96b x2

Neumann Km184 x4

Radial BT Pro v2 x1

Radial Pro DI x2

Radial Pro D2 x3

Radial SGI x1

Radial Xamp x1

RCA  77D x1

Rode M3 x1

Rode NT5a MP x1

Rode  NT4 x1

Sennheiser e609 x1

Sennheiser e614 x4

Sennheiser e835 x1

Sennheiser e835s x1

Sennheiser e902 x2

Sennheiser e904 x4

Sennheiser e906 x4

Sennheiser e935 x4

Sennheiser MD421 x6

Sennheiser MKH416 x2

Sennheiser MKH8070 x1

Shure SM57 (1 modded) x7

Shure SM58 x1

Shure SM7b x1

Shure SM81 x1

Shure Beta 57a x2

Whirlwind PCDI x

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