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What can we do for you?

     Kilroy Records offers everything you need to bring your musical ideas to life. From help with writing your next single, to tracking, editing, mixing, & mastering; as well as concert & event production.

From the studio to the stage we can make your dreams a reality!

Services Include:


Includes full mix, instrumental, and an a cappella mix. 

Additional charges apply for additional mixes (TV/Performance cuts, radio edits, clean mixes, etc…) 

Ask about Mixtape & Demo specials.


Stereo Master of premixed record following NARAS standard best-practices for delivery in a specified release format (CD, iTunes, Spotify, Soundcloud, etc…). 

Additional charges apply for additional mix versions.


Track Compilation, Quantization/ Timing Correction, Vocal & Instrument Tuning, Forensic Editing, & Sound Replacement

Production, Songwriting & Beatwriting

Our seasoned team of Producers will assist you in obtaining your desired sound.

In-Studio Recording

Working with several area studios allow us to accommodate almost any size ensemble or any budget.

Location Recording

Let Kilroy come to you! Mobile services are available to capture your next concert or event. Through our partnerships, we can offer truck-based & portable systems with the ability to record up to 192 tracks!

Session Singers & Musicians

Let our team of highly trained Singers & Musicians add that element that's missing from your production. 

Custom Live Drum Tracks

Want REAL drums for your next record? We offer custom LIVE drum tracks without every having to leave the house.

Technical Services

System Integration & Setup, Design Consultation, Custom Wiring 

Live Sound, Concert & Event Production

Through our partnerships we are able to offer our clients complete support once they leave the studio.

Kilroy Records
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