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Jax In a Box Loop Library

     After countless hours of preperation, recording and editing, Alan & Steve are proud to present the "Jax in a Box" Vol. 1 loop & sample library. Check it out below!

"I am a self contained project studio producer, and not only is it time consuming, costly and extremely tedious, but if the drum tracks are just not crackin' or cuttin' it, it makes or breaks a session or a gig! No one can afford to deal with that gamble!

    With my "Jax in a Box" loop library I get the tightest and most appropriate drum parts dialed in to my session totally to my liking EVERY TIME, and my clients are always, ALWAYS super happy!"

-Scott Schiaffo

The beauty of the "Jax In A Box" Loop Library is the ability to mix the dry drum mix, the stereo room mix, and the mono crushed room mix separately to your liking.

This video shows 5 different mixes of the same loop...

"I’m as old school as it gets while still beginning each day above ground. I have little use for computers, samples, etc. I usually record live to tape, warts and all. I’ve had no complaints from Dr. John, The Skatalites, Gil Parris, Cornell Dupree, Rufus Thomas, Corey Glover, Ben E. King, Cissy Houston and about 1000 other legends. However, I have, over the past couple of years, begun to work more and more with a tremendously talented drummer, percussionist, engineer, producer: Alan Jax Bowers. We clicked immediately and have spent a good many hours on the road and in the studio. He is among just a few drummers with whom I will work these days. So when Alan mentioned his "Jax in a Box" loop library and his intent to make these pieces available to producers, engineers and musicians, I gave it a sneak peek. I was not surprised to hear his superb drumming represented on every note. Every single groove is a gem. But I was surprised to find how easy it was to grab the stuff — the library is a piece of cake to use. Coming from me, that is saying something because I only just traded my flip top phone for some super- CIA-approved job that will start my car, get the coffee percolating and, I think, play the first set for me all while I’m still in bed. I am the guy who swore he would never use a sample and I’ve already copped a few from Alan. This stuff is well- worth the very inexpensive price of admission. I recommend this library 100%. I know you’ll be happy with it."
-Joe Ferry 
Professor Emeritus, S.U.N.Y.
Grammy Award Winning Producer/Bassist

"Alan Jax Bowers' "Jax in the Box" loop library is an essential tool for songwriters, musicians, engineers and producers alike. First of all, the quality of the loops is top-notch, they are well engineered and mixed and are clean, punchy and clear. I love the fact that you get a dry track, room track, and compressed mono room track to blend to your liking. This makes this loop library stand out amongst the rest and extremely versatile to changing the feel of the loop. Whether you are looking for a loop library for simple backing tracks, developing and building songwriting arrangements and even blending loops into existing songs and mixes, "Jax In The Box" loop library is smart place to start..."
-David Arnold
Pro Audio Boutique
Nashville TN
"I'm a songwriter, who works from a home studio to create and arrange new work. I've found that the creative grooves and ease of use in "Jax in a Box" allow me to bring my songs to their greatest potential. I'm thankful to have this as a tool box I can rely on for any job my songwriting may take me" - John Irizarry 
Small Town Sheiks
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