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Here are just some of the recording studios Kilroy's team work out of. Check the links to see what they have to offer then contact us for special rates at these great facilities!

The Lab.jpeg
The Lab is Steve's personal tracking, editing & mixing suite and base of operations. 
Built around efficiency and audio excellence, it is based around a Pro Tools HD native system and equipped with the best of what the digital and analog worlds have to offer.
Check it out here
Saint's Place
Saint’s Place is a private residential studio based in Northern NJ. Centered around an Amek 9098i, this retreat features the ability to track to Pro Tools HD or 2” 24-track and some of the best outboard ever built.
Sometimes you just need us to bring the studio to you. Through our partnership with Aura Sonic LTD., we can provide portable & truck based recording solutions big enough for the largest concert
Mozart Studios is a great little studio in Little Falls, NJ. It has some killer gear, including a Neve VR-60 console, Pro Tools HDX, racks and racks of outboard and an incredibly impressive mic collection. Perfect for tracking bands and overdubs.
Mudcut is Alan's retreat in Englewood, FL. Don't let its small size fool you, this room has some great gear and the ability to get some incredible sounds for your next project.
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