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Steve Kolakowsky:

Owner, Engineer, Producer

Steve Kolakowsky Kilroy Records

     Steve Kolakowsky is an engineer and producer based out of northern NJ. He is an avid drummer and percussionist, and has played with several local bands and orchestras. In 2000, Steve made his first foray behind the glass and was immediately hooked into the world of production, going on to record with various local bands. In 2003, he decided to pursue his ambitions and was accepted at Berklee College of Music in Boston. He graduated from Berklee in 2007 with a Bachelor of Music in Production and Engineering. He honed his abilities with studies in both analog and digital recording, mixing, mastering, acoustics, MIDI and post production. He has crafted his art through assisting and studying with such consummate engineers and producers as Ron St. Germain, George Massenburg, Jeff Lagent, Jason Corsaro, Jonathan Wyner, David Kowalski and Steve Remote, among many others.

     He has worked at several local studios including The Barbershop, Saint's Place, Aura-Sonic, Mozart Studios, PonderRosa Studios and, most notably, as the Studio Manager and Chief Engineer at 440 Sound Studios.

     He is an AES fellow, BMI songwriter and Voting Member of the Recording Academy.


Audio Engineering Society Kilroy Records
BMI Kilroy Records
Grammy Pro Kilroy Records
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